Correias Mercúrio: Pulling its weight with Twaron®

Thanks to a bold and sustainable investment policy, Correias Mercúrio has grown to be South America’s largest manufacturer of industrial conveyor belts, with over 500 employees. Since 2012, the company has partnered with Teijin Aramid to produce Twaron®-reinforced, heavy-duty conveyor belts. Thanks to Twaron®, these belts have greater impact resistance and durability, helping Mercúrio to access markets with high-performance requirements.

Over 70 years of high-quality conveyor belts

Correias Mercúrio was founded in 1945, and initially manufactured transmission belts for imported car engines in the garage of one of its founders. At the time, car assembling companies had not standardized the dimensions of their belts, making it necessary for Mercúrio to produce one type of belt for each car model. In this way, Mercúrio became known as a high-quality manufacturer of customized belts. Over time, Mercúrio diversified its product portfolio, and became established as a leading belt manufacturer for a wide range of industrial uses. Currently, Mercúrio has over 500 staff, and two manufacturing locations: one in Jundiaí near São Paulo, and one in Marabá, in Northern Brazil. In 2012, the company started partnering with Teijin Aramid, integrating Twaron® into a new range of high-performance conveyor belts for mining and industrial applications, with great results.



New belts and new markets with Twaron®

Ivan Zanovello Ciruelos

Over the past 12 years, Mercúrio has experienced a 600% growth in revenue and a supply milestone of 15,000 tons of belts per year to the Brazilian and wider South American market. “In part, this growth has been driven by our relatively recent collaboration with Teijin Aramid,” says Ivan Zanovello Ciruelos, CEO Correias Mercúrio. “We had our initial discussions with Teijin Aramid in 2012. Within a few months, we were jointly visiting our clients to explain the potential benefits of belt solutions made with Twaron®. In 2014, we began to make our first sales, with excellent results in several locations. Our most significant success was with our client AngloGold Ashanti at their Serra Grande mine: the new Twaron® belts have enabled an increase in life span of about 500%, reduced maintenance downtime, and energy savings of 8%. Not bad, at all!”

The right partnership for the right time

“Above all, Teijin Aramid and Mercúrio have been able to develop a win-win partnership over the last few years,” says Ivan. “Teijin has always provided us with the technical information we’ve required to build our conveyor belts in a quick and precise way. Working together with such an advanced company, renowned worldwide for helping to develop high-tech products, has increased our recognition within the market as a leader in innovation and high-performance products. Together, we’ve really grown the market for aramid-reinforced conveyor belts in South America, which was very small until recently. More and more, our customers are focused on unlocking productivity and require belts for specialized and technical applications, which is where Teijin Aramid can really help. It’s fair to say that this partnership came at the right time for us!” 

Texture of the Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt

Opportunities for further collaboration

“In the years ahead, we really expect further strong growth in the South American aramid-based belt market,” says Ivan. “Specifically, we’re exploring growth opportunities in Peru and Chile. A lot of our sales come from having the aramid belts ready when one our clients has a belt breakdown or there is an accident, so we will keep trying to deliver our solutions quickly and efficiently to grow our market. In addition, our Research & Development team will continue to explore new ways to service our customers by using high-performance materials such as Twaron® – we’ll see where this takes us! The market has certainly been receptive to our propositions so far.”





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