Beating the heat with Twaron®!

For over two decades, Teijin Aramid’s materials have been used in the manufacture of protective workwear and firefighting equipment due to their high-performance properties, including inherent flame resistance, superior heat insulation, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It is because of these properties that the German firefighter Joachim Posanz uses aramid-based turnout gear, and a newly developed body-cooling vest, not only to help him execute his professional duties, but also to help him to gain a competitive edge in the international Toughest Firefighter Alive Competition.

Tough equipment for tough conditions

Because of their unique physical and chemical structure, Teijin Aramid’s materials – including Twaron®, Technora®, and Teijinconex® – offer excellent protection in extreme situations, including those involving heat and fire. “In many firefighting operations, you’re being pushed to the limits, both physically and mentally,” says experienced firefighter Joachim Posanz. “You can be surrounded by heat, fire, flame and unforeseen hazards that can put your life at risk. On top of this, sharp rises in body temperature cause an increase in stress, which can lead to mistakes, and in turn can also put other people at risk. You can minimize these risks through high-performance equipment that can withstand extreme conditions, giving you the best chance to handle hazards effectively.”

Superior turnout gear with aramid

“In my 20-year career as a firefighter, and also through the Toughest Firefighter Alive competition in which I regularly participate, I have come across a wide range of turnout gear made from different materials,” says Joachim. “In my experience, turnout gear that integrates Twaron®, Technora® or Teijinconex® is lighter and safer, offering superior protection as well as superior user comfort and maneuverability, which are the key criteria to consider. Turnout gear with these materials helps you stay concentrated, and prevents the tiredness that comes from exposure to high temperatures. Because of this, you can stay powerful for longer, both during firefighting operations and in competition. Ultimately, this means that you, and the people around you, can stay safe for longer.”





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