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NASA tests Technora®-reinforced Mars parachute

On October 4, NASA carried out supersonic tests of the parachute that will allow the Mars 2020 Rover to descend safely to the surface of the Red Planet. The bridle system that attaches the landing craft to the parachute is made with Teijin Aramid’s Technora®.

Technora® was chosen because of its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, combined with its impressive heat resistance. These properties are required because the parachute will be fully deployed at a maximum speed of 5.4km/s, creating high levels of heat and strong mechanical forces.

Check out the video of NASA’s Mars 2020 supersonic test flight.

Teijin Protects knowledge center launched

Teijin Protects, an online knowledge center for Teijin Aramid’s personal protective apparel and ballistic protection solutions, was recently launched. Teijin Protects offers visitors dedicated content – articles, case studies, white papers, infographics and videos – on how Teijin Aramid’s innovative materials can be used to improve protective applications. The aim of the knowledge center is to explain to visitors about the wide range of  possibilities and the added value of aramid materials, and ultimately to help protect those who protect us. Teijin Protects will be regularly updated with new content.

Restyled Endumax® website goes live

Earlier this month, the revamped Endumax® website was launched. The website, which integrates a new layout and fresh content, offers visitors a clear overview of the added value that Endumax® delivers to a wide range of applications. These applications include ballistic protection, airfreight containers, laminated sails, ropes and cables, loudspeakers, and loudspeakers. 

Endumax® is the newest of Teijin Aramid’s family of high-performance materials. Developed and patented by Teijin Aramid, Endumax® is a high-performance UHMWPE material. Its unique physical and chemical structure makes it 11 times stronger than steel weight for weight, and highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and high temperatures, while delivering a very high modulus. What’s more, Endumax® is an environmentally friendly and solvent-free material that can easily be recycled.

Moving forward, more content will be added to the Endumax® website, including material on new application areas. Stay tuned!

Safer travel with MACRO-Lite ULDs

With over 27% of all in-flight safety incidents being caused by lithium-ion battery malfunctions, minimizing the risks of these incidents is key to keeping passengers safe. Unit Load Devices (ULDs) made with MACRO-Lite panels allow air freight containers to be more flame-retardant, enabling the safer transport of lithium-ion batteries.

In addition, thanks to the high-performance properties of Teijin Aramid’s materials and MACRO Industries’ proprietary resin, ULDs made with MACRO-Lite panels can be made lighter, stronger, and more durable, while also lowering the environmental impact of the air cargo industry.

To see how MACRO-Lite panels are revolutionizing the air cargo industry, check out this new video:

Japanese website goes live!

In September 2017, the Japanese version of the Teijin Aramid website went live. This will be a useful tool, as it will help native Japanese speakers discover how Teijin Aramid’s materials and services can help add value to products in a wide range of industries.


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