New app: Unit Converter Tool

Teijin Aramid not only develops aramid-based solutions that add value to a range of industries, it also helps its customers and partners to integrate its technology by offering technical and scientific support. As part of this customer-centric approach, Teijin Aramid has developed several helpful, free apps – available for iOs and Android – that help customers with the practicalities involved in handling aramid materials. The latest app, the Unit Converter App, allows customers to perform calculations and easily translate units related to the use of aramid technology.

Otto Grabandt

Time to ensure conversion ease

Converting imperial units to metric units and vice versa is always complicated, and can sometimes lead to serious mistakes – in 1999, for example, NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in the Martian atmosphere because engineers failed to convert imperial units to metric. If these metric/imperial unit conversions also involve yarn-related units, such as twist levels, linear densities and yarn yields, moduli and tenacities, these calculations become even more challenging. In December 2017, Teijin Aramid released its Unit Converter App to help customers perform both aramid-related and non-aramid-related conversions, and minimize the possibility of calculation errors.

A wide target audience

The app can help customers involved in all of Teijin Aramid’s diverse market segments, from automotive and ballistic protection, to ropes and cables and civil engineering. To meet the diverse calculation requirements of such a wide target audience, the app is able to process some 20 unit categories. Specifically, the app can calculate more general categories – weight, length, area, mass and volume, for example – as well as more conceptually complex categories, such as mass per area, mass per time, volume per time, and mass per volume. The app also enables the processing of yarn-specific units, including twist per length, threads per width, and linear density to yield. By selecting the appropriate material density, modulus and tenacity conversions are made easy. The app will even process more “old-fashioned” textile units. A lot of calculation possibilities for one app!

A user-friendly, practical tool

Above all, the app offers its services in a user-friendly and connected way. Not only is the app interface easy to navigate, but the outcomes of the calculations can easily be shared via SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger, allowing users to communicate with their colleagues and project collaborators, for example. The app also has an accuracy feature that can be switched on or off, offering very specific results or more rounded outcomes, according to the user’s requirements. What’s more, the app enables personalization of its calculation features, allowing users to hide less relevant units and categories. The Unit Converter App was designed to offer practical assistance to aramid users whenever and wherever it is required.

For more information about Teijin Aramid’s “tool-box” of helpful, free apps, please visit the App store or Google Play.