Ballistic protection: New products and developments

In 2017, Teijin Aramid is launching two new ballistic protection products: Endumax® Shield XF33, a plate solution for vehicles, vessels and body armor, and Twaron® ComForte SB3, a highly flexible solution specifically developed for body armor products. In addition, Teijin Aramid’s Application Competence Center in Wuppertal, Germany, has increased its testing output by 83% over the past year. These developments will allow Teijin Aramid to continue providing a high level of service to its customers, offer a broader product portfolio, and maintain its competitive position in the global ballistic protection market.

A unique focus on ballistic protection

“For over 30 years, Teijin Aramid has been developing high-performance ballistic protection solutions that have saved countless lives,” says Marcus Riedl, Global Industry Leader Safety & Lifeprotection at Teijin Aramid. “During this time, we’ve built up a complete portfolio of both aramid and UHMW-PE based products and solutions for both personal protection and protective equipment. In addition, our technical team has developed extensive know-how and expertise in several specific ballistic application areas for body armor, helmets, ground vehicle, vessels and aerospace. Thanks to our experience and state-of-the-art research and development facilities, Teijin Aramid is in a unique position to address the market needs for ballistic protection.”

New products: Endumax Shield XF33 and Twaron ComForte SB3

Sooin Kim

“In 2017, we’re launching Endumax Shield XF33 and Twaron ComForte SB3 – two exciting new products addressing specific user needs that have not been properly addressed so far,” says Sooin Kim, Product Manager Ballistics at Teijin Aramid. “Endumax Shield XF33 delivers high levels of protection without compromising user mobility or being too heavy to be integrated into a vehicle or vessel design. It’s ideal for weight-sensitive platforms: high-performance helmets, hard body armor plates, and rigid panels for vehicle and maritime armor protection. Equally, our Twaron ComForte SB3 is highly flexible material that can be integrated into body armor to enable law enforcement officers and soldiers to move easily while being fully protected. By integrating state-of-the-art Twaron Ultra Micro yarn, Twaron ComForte SB3 enables one of the lightest ballistic protection solutions that comes with wearing comfort.”

Supported by high levels of technical expertise

“We wouldn’t have been able to launch our new products without our high levels of technical knowledge and high-quality research facilities,” says Manon. “Specifically, our Application Competence Center in Wuppertal is instrumental to driving our ballistic protection propositions. By using the research laboratories and testing facilities here – including helmet pressing, a shooting range and fabric-testing technology – our experts work closely with customers to develop new materials and products. Collectively, our material research facilities in Arnhem, the Netherlands, allow the development of cutting-edge aramid and UHMW-PE solutions that add value to the products of customers worldwide.”

Looking ahead in safety

“Thanks to our facilities, expertise and dedication, Teijin Aramid is in a good position to move forward and keep on delivering high-performance, innovative products for ballistic protection,” says Sooin. “Across the world, security forces are experiencing new and increasingly lethal threats, and battlefields and dangerous environments are becoming ever more complex. Our materials and products can help provide enhanced protection at lighter weights, which is becoming increasingly important. Together with our customers, we can help deliver a step-change in the performance levels of ballistic protection. Keeping safe those that keep us safe is certainly a goal that is worth pursuing with passion!”