Better together with the Value Partner Program

As a manufacturer of aramid materials, rather than end-user products, Teijin Aramid has always worked closely with many partners and customers. Because of this, Teijin Aramid’s business strategy focuses strongly on building partnerships and stimulating mutual growth across the supply chain. To further consolidate this strategic vision, Teijin Aramid recently created the Value Partner Program as a way of leveraging synergies within Protective Apparel, and creating technical, commercial and marketing benefits for all parties throughout the value chain.

The strength of the supply chain

Alexander Köchl, Sales Marketing Manager at Teijin Aramid

“The Value Partner Program is all about partnership and mutual growth,” says Alexander Köchl, Sales Marketing Manager at Teijin Aramid. “Teijin Aramid finds itself in a special position in the supply chain, with partners on either side of us. Through discussions with a client in late 2015, the idea came to me that Teijin Aramid should really make the most of this special position by maximizing the potential of its partnerships in order to add value to its business and build mutual growth. Specifically, our clients will have extensive insight into whatever business area they’re involved in, which can help Teijin to fine-tune its business activities and continue to develop and improve its materials. In exchange, our clients can make use of our global network and our own technological expertise. Our first EMEA partners began their membership with the Value Partner Program in May 2017,  and we hope that the program can scale up with time.”

A win-win for all parties

Members of the Value Partner Program enjoy a wide range of benefits. These include business support benefits, such as extensive joint marketing opportunities with Teijin, free entry to trade shows, and lead generation through Teijin’s global network. In addition to the business-type benefits, members of the Value Partner Program can also make use of Teijin’s scientific expertise, through free-of-charge access to laboratory facilities, and active downstream technical support. Value Partners will also enjoy joint branding opportunities with Teijin, both online and offline, such as through logo placement on sample swatches and brochure materials, and web communications. “For any partnership to work, it needs to be mutually beneficial,” says Alexander Köchl. “As part of the program, members will have many opportunities at their disposal. Equally, Teijin Aramid will be able to make the most of the unique position each of its partners has in the supply chain. It’s really a win-win situation for all parties.”

Growing together, step by step

“Initially, we’d like members to commit to being part of the Value Partner Program for two years, with new members being able to join every January,” says Alexander Köchl. “Before the program starts, we’ll discuss our mutual growth ambitions, and then we’ll monitor our targets over the course of the two years. Before this period is over, we’d like to sit down with our partners to discuss how the partnership has gone, and how we would like to progress together in the future. Two years is a long enough period to establish the mutual benefits of working closely together, and our partners will experience first-hand the advantages of the program. We  aim to grow together, step by step.”

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