New apps and new features!

Teijin Aramid aims not only to develop innovative aramid-based solutions that add value to a wide range of industries, but also to facilitate the integration of these aramid solutions into production processes and to offer technical and scientific support. As part of this customer-centric approach, Teijin Aramid is active on a range of social media channels – including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter – and is now developing a “tool box” of helpful free apps, available for iOS, Android and Windows. Read on for more information about these exciting apps.

International ballistic standards app – already available

This informative app allows users to find out what level of ballistic protection is required according to all official international standards, and how Teijin Aramid’s Twaron® can help achieve these high levels of protection. In particular, the app offers information for both international hard-ballistic standards and for international body armor standards. It also integrates a link to Teijin Aramid’s website and a contact feature.

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Running length app – now updated!

Launched in July 2016, this app allows Teijin Aramid’s customers to plan ahead and limit their aramid waste by quantifying their remaining Technora® and Twaron® yarn on used bobbins. In particular, the app allows users to easily calculate the remaining yarn running length on a bobbin after a production run by making a weight-to-length calculation. Alternatively, users can calculate the required bobbin weight for a specific production run by making a length-to-weight calculation.

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Since its launch, the app has been updated to make it even more user-friendly. Besides iOS and Android, the app
is now also compatible with the Windows operating system, and offers a choice of English and Chinese.


Unit conversion app – coming this summer!

Converting imperial units to metric units and vice versa is always complicated, and can sometimes lead to serious mistakes – in 1999, for example, NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in the Martian atmosphere because engineers failed to convert imperial units to metric. If these metric/imperial unit conversions also involve yarn-related units, such as twist levels, linear densities and yarn yields, moduli and tenacities, these calculations become even more challenging.

Teijin Aramid has developed a unit conversion app to help customers to perform calculations and easily translate units. The app can perform both yarn-related calculations and non-yarn-related calculations. The app has undergone beta testing, and will be available for free from App stores by the summer.

Optical fiber comparison app – coming later this year!

This application-specific app will allow Teijin Ararmid’s customers to evaluate and compare different aramid materials for use in the optical fiber cable industry. In particular, customers are offered fact-based comparisons between Teijin’s aramids and competitor materials, allowing them to decide which material is best suited for improving the performance of their optical fiber cables. The app will integrate a contact feature and will be available in several languages.

Further to the above-mentioned apps, more exciting apps are also on the way! Together, these apps will form a “tool box” of customer-centric apps. Keep up to date on app-related developments by reading Aramid Vision and visiting